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The Listing Authority is governed by the Financial Services (Listing of Securities) Act 2006 (“the Act”) and the Financial Services (Listing of Securities) Official Listing Rules 2007 (“the Rules”). Under the Act, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission was appointed as the Listing Authority. (link to the legislation) 

The Listing Authority performs the following functions:

Decides on the admission of a listing to a Stock Exchange situated or operating in Gibraltar;

May reject an application if, in its opinion, the situation is such that admission would be detrimental to investors’ interests;

May make the admission of a listing subject to any special condition which the Listing Authority considers appropriate and of which they have specifically informed the applicant, solely in the interests of protecting the investors; and

May refuse an application where the issuer already has securities listed in another Member State and has failed to comply with its obligations there.

For any queries or information on the Listing Authority please email