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Welcome to the National Storage Mechanism Gibraltar !

This is Gibraltar’s central storage mechanism for storing regulated information (in accordance with the requirements set out in the Transparency Directive).

The Gibraltar Listing Authority (GLA) maintains responsibility for the central storage of regulated information. Any enquiries on the NSM can be sent to

Issuers are to note that filing with the NSM does not constitute compliance with the regulatory filing requirements under the Transparency Directive.


For issuers

Issuers, submitting information to the NSM, are required to register with the GLA, prior to making its first submission.

Registration is completed online by providing some key contact information. Post completion of the relevant fields, a domain name check is carried out to confirm that the email being registered correlates with the issuer’s information provided .

GLA will revert once the process has been completed and your account will be ready to use for any future submissions.

Each time a submission is filed for upload, the issuer will be required to log-in to its individual account (with credentials previously submitted to GLA). Once in the account, issuers can upload information by completing the text box prompts and submitting the relevant documents in PDF format. Once this has been submitted the issuer will receive an email advising that the filing has been submitted and is pending approval by the GLA.

Approval will be provided by GLA, however this approval relates solely for the information to be uploaded to the NSM and not to any of the content or information provided within any of the documents or information filed.

Once the GLA has approved the upload, you will receive an email notification and the submission will be publicly available on the NSM.

Where the GLA rejects an upload, the issuer will receive and email setting out the rationale for the rejection and the information will not be made public on the NSM.



Users are able to search the NSM using various search field types for example, search by company name, by ISIN and/or by document type.

All information uploaded by issuers, and approved by the GLA (to be included on the NSM), will be made public and searchable.

The information stored in the NSM is specified by the Transparency Directive and both, the NSM and the information stored, are to be used for the purposes set out in the Directive.

Any queries on the documents available on the NSM can be sent to