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The Listing Authority has delegated certain functions to GSX Limited (“GSX”), a licensed Stock Exchange. The Listing Authority has signed a Service Level Agreement with GSX to cover the scope, obligations and responsibilities of each party.

The functions being delegated to GSX include;

  • Ensuring completeness of applications

  • Initial review of a listing application to admission to the Official List

  • Due diligence of the applicant(s)

  • Collection of fees on behalf of the Listing Authority

  • Gibraltar Listing Authority

    Application Process

    In order to list an open ended fund, a Member Firm (*) must to be appointed. Click here to check if a firm is currently listed.

    In order to list, a Member firm must be appointed. Click here (link to GSX’s website) for a list of Member firms. Your appointed Member firm will assist in the application process.

    The application pack must be prepared as per GSX’s listing code.

    All relevant fees (link to fees section) and accompanying documentation are to be submitted to GSX via your appointed Member firm.

    Your application will be initially reviewed by GSX on behalf of the Listing Authority.

    GSX will then forward its assessment to the Listing Authority for the listing application to be considered and decided upon.

    If necessary, GSX and/or the Listing Authority may request additional information at any point in time.

    The Listing Authority will approve or decline the application within 10 working days of having received all the information required.

    (*) The application process is available on the GSX website. Click here.
    We encourage you to speak directly with GSX for further information about the process.